Buy Stinky The Garbage Truck the number 1 toy from Matchbox


Stinky the Garbage Truck is the brand new toy from Matchbox, the world renowned toy car brand. Stinky is from Matchbox’s Big Rig Buddies range that is made up of Rocky the Robot, Felix and now Stinky the Garbage truck. Each Big Rig is a real working truck that comes alive at the push of a button watch as they move around, stand up, talk, honk their horns, flash their lights and even sing.

Stinky is the new, just released truck in the series and is set to be this year’s must have toy, so get your hands on him now while he’s still available.

Stinky is a real working, talking, singing garbage truck and is hungry for matchbox cars, just insert any matchbox car into his mouth or garbage shoot located just above his cab and watch as Stinky devours the cars, burps and then demands some more. He comes complete with a huge range of catchphrases and messages that respond to the situation or interaction that you have with him including, “Load me up”, “garbage, garbage, garbage”, “feed me”, “give me a high five” and many more.

Continue feeding Stinky the Garbage truck till he is full of cars and use the handy dumper truck lever to make stinky release them out the back. Tickly Stinky’s belly button and watch him as he curls up and laughs or give him a high five. Stinky really is a fully interactive garbage truck that reacts to your interaction and he even sings a catchy song called dumping and then quite deservedly asks for a round of a plause.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic toy and present get your hands on Stinky The Garbage Truck now, Stinky comes complete with a 22 minute DVD, an episode introducing Stinky the Garbage truck and his friends and is a perfect gift for children and grandchildren.